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Alachua Co FL Marriages v2 1836-1900

Computer Indexed Florida Marriage Records by Nicholas Russell Murray

Early Alachua County Florida Marriage Records v2 1871-2000

Published by Hunting For Bears Genealogical Society and Library in 3878 W 3200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84120-2154 USA ph.801-966-1611 .
Written in English.

About the Book

Hunting For Bears Genealogy Society collects and maintains large databases of early (predominantly pre 1900) marriage records from all fifty states. We are currently processing these records and will have them on line as soon as they are ready.

We do two things with these records:
One, we publish these records in County Marriage Record Books, (almost 3,000 to date) and on CDs. We no longer publish on microfiche but have a fairly complete inventory of our collection up to 1980.

Two, surname searches of these large computer databases have been available to individuals since the late 1960s via the U. S. Postal Service and now e-mail.
We search our marriage indexes of on a state by state basis and provide the results via e-mail or computer printout.

The Hunting For Bears marriage data collection as of about 1980, covering 16 states, was bundled with Family Tree Maker(c) and sold in the tens of thousands and was crucial in making FTM(c) the most popular genealogical software in the world.

The same collection was included in Ancestry's(c) initial data searches, playing a significant role in its rise to the world's premier genealogy data search engine.

That was the 1980 collection, the 2010 collection dwarfs it in comparison. This book is part of that 2010 collection. It is maintained in a data base structure to provide the highest information density. Each marriage is contained in one line. Each party in the union is included in the alphabetical listing. Using the records in a database format and listing both participants in the alphabetical sort was so unique in 1960 that the U.S. Government has granted Hunting For Bears a (c)copyright on the collection in both print and later electronic and microform format.

Several things we are considering in the immediate future are; e_books to buy, loan or free downloads, books available through instant publication, and books on line.

Oh, the name and logo, Russell, as Nick was called in his youth, loved puns. The newspaper genealogy column that he began writing in 1951, Hunting Your Forebears, quickly became Hunting For Bears and the bear and hunter logo was created.

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Early Alachua Co FL Marriages 1836-1900 compiled by Dorothy L Murray
©Copyright 2013 by Hunting For Bears, Genealogical Society and Library

BB 038 1893 KNIGHT, Julia VIDEON, William G
C 611 1899 KNIGHT, L L MCKINNEY, Ola
C 799 1900 KNIGHT, Lauisa WILLIAMS, John
A 347 1876 KNIGHT, Lemuel L SHARP, Melinda
B 174 1886 KNIGHT, Leroy W WATSON, Sarah
B 290 1887 KNIGHT, Levi J STEPHENS, Willie
AA 326 1883 KNIGHT, Lois BEVILL, S C
C 652 1899 KNIGHT, Louis VonClese DROMGOOLE, Mary Ashforn
1MA 341 1867 KNIGHT, M F SAPP, Daniel E
C 668 1899 KNIGHT, M J Mrs MCKINNCY, T J
BB 049 1893 KNIGHT, Malcom G HOLT, Sarah
B 169 1885 KNIGHT, Malissa SPIRES, Walter W
AA 083 1880 KNIGHT, Mary SHARP, George M
C 346 1897 KNIGHT, Minnie MARLOWE, V M
B 533 1889 KNIGHT, Narcissis FAITH, Jeff D
C 875 1900 KNIGHT, Nora JOHNSON, Will
C 579 1898 KNIGHT, Sarah JAMES, E S
C 653 1899 KNIGHT, Si NIBLACK, Fanny
B 050 1884 KNIGHT, Vashti WILSON, W T
C 065 1895 KNIGHT, W J KEENE, Evalina
B 595 1889 KNIGHT, W N COLIN, Ada
AA 301 1883 KNIGHT, Zilpha Ann PARKERSON, C D
C 441 1898 KNIGHTEN, John HARRIS, Mary
B 152 1885 KNIGHTEN, Thomas J BAILY, Jane Ann
AA 378 1884 KNIGHTON, Ella BARNES, David
B 712 1891 KNIGHTON, James M GRIFFIN, Mattie
B 061 1885 KNIGT, Emma WRIGHT, J R
BB 049 1893 KNITZLER, Andrew R PURELY, Emma
A 922 1879 KNOX, M S WELLS, C E
C 185 1896 KNUCKLES, Lizzie RUTLEDGE, Ransom
1MA 336 1866 KOLLERSON, Daniel ROBINSON, Ellen
C 905 1900 KOON, J L BOOK, Jessie Bella
C 246 1896 KREIG, Jane BLUNT, James
1MA 394 1869 KRIMINGER, J L SHELTON, Alethia
BB 169 1894 KURBY, Lillie MCWILLIAMS, Hery
B 060 1885 LABIRTH, Lucy Ann HINTON, Booker
BB 192 1894 LACH, Grant WALKER, Annie
C 309 1897 LACHON, Jennie CURRY, William M
B 420 1888 LACKQUY, Hattie GILL, Andrew J
B 043 1884 LADSON, John SHAW, Emma
B 909 1892 LADSON, Thoms J WILSON, Alfirena
A 756 1878 LAFAYETTE, Abbie MINTON, Thomas
AA 140 1881 LAFAYETTE, Bina Mary Ann WRIGHT, Nathan Davis
B 691 1891 LAFONTICSEE, Mina Elizabeth HUDGINS, Theodore
BB 236 1894 LAFONTISEE, Ella HAMILTON, Johlul C
BB 232 1894 LAFONTISEE, Margarite BOWYER, Egbert J B
C 448 1898 LAGERSTROM, Geo A BURTON, Lena Maud
C 796 1900 LAIN, Amelia DEAN, Henry
C 391 1897 LAMAR, Friday PERNELL, Loda
B 761 1891 LAMAR, Josephine COMER, James A
C 080 1895 LAMB, A L BAILEY, MamieMrs
C 894 1900 LAMB, Nathan GILLAIRD, Annie Lee
C 148 1896 LAMBERT, Ageleta HAYMAN, J J
B 702 1891 LAMBERT, Andrew J LAURY, Bettie
AA 265 1882 LAMBERT, Gilbert EDWARDS, Eliza
C 527 1898 LAMBERT, Nita HAYMANS, George H
AA 206 1882 LAMBETH, Annie CARROL, T A
C 358 1897 LANCASTER, Frances BREEDLOVE, Samuel Boling
C 149 1896 LANCASTER, Gussie GRIFFIN, R W
C 226 1896 LANCASTER, Lucie SMITH, Howard M
A 213 1874 LANCASTER, Lucretia CHAMBERLIN, G S
3 035 1870 LANCASTER, Mary GALE, Ed T
C 939 1900 LANCASTER, W S CHASTINE, Nannie
C 445 1898 LANCASTER, William BUFORD, Annie
3 069 1871 LANCASTER, William MOREA, Lallie
1 109 1847 LANCASTER, William Henry PORTER, Ann
1MA 207 1866 LANCASTOR, Marith FERGUSON, James
C 492 1898 LAND, Gus Hilleary SMITH, Lottie
1MA 385 1869 LAND, Nelson CARTER, Fannie
B 526 1889 LANDRIP, Ella ROLAND, G W
BB 194 1894 LANDRUM, J N GRIFFIN, Lucy Idella
B 907 1892 LANE, Abraham HATTIE, Ward
C 062 1895 LANE, Francis ANGLIN, Henry
A 048 1872 LANE, Hannah MCDUFFIE, Robert
C 272 1896 LANE, J S HIGGINBOTHAM, Florida

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About the Edition

The format for this series of books was designed specifically to address an extreme weakness in genealogical research methodology as it existed in the later half of the last century. The primary component of this solution was an extremely large data base of records which could be accessed via computer instantly to provide location of additional existent and more complete records needed by researchers. Marriage records were uniquely the form of research in need of this additional research methodology.

Several barriers to this project will be lost to the fog of history unless mentioned somewhere so here are a few; A few County Clerks were naturally obstinate. The worst two were Parish Clerks in Louisiana, one of Assumption Parish, who would not allow our elderly collection team any access to the records unless they stood at the counter and hand copied the data. The books containing the dates were in a separate book and to see it required an individual retrieval and put back for each marriage. A neighboring parish, Ascension, arrested and prosecuted my wife and I for conducting a legal bingo (the mayor himself had issued the permit) to raise funds to continue the data collection process when the inheritance my parents had left, ran out.

Another involves a deceitful lady named "Annie" and the Mississippi Genealogy Society who have no problem with taking the data that HFB paid teams of people to travel to each local court, collect the data, process it and publish it. Annie and MGS then published it on the internet and locally in print form thereby, negating any chance of recouping any of the expenditure incurred in accruing the data. Nick and Dorothy had expended tremendous effort establishing directly or indirectly over half of the Genealogy Societies in Mississippi and Louisiana and had trained and hired these new enthusiasts as team members in their data gathering project. To have several of these "researchers" betray friends, mentors and employers in this manner is inexplicable!

There is a corporate "wolf" who has done the same as MGS does does locally on a small scale on a national scale, no an international one. HFB had been approached by a small startup CD producer to make our data available on CDs. He assured us the data would be protected by an unbreakable decryption method. Maybe he was correct, but the "wolf" bought controlling interest in his company, took our data and built the world's largest data repository and search service. All of this was done while I was becoming disabled in the Gulf War, I just love it when people say "Thanks for your service" all the while smiling and stealing everything they can get their hands on. After almost a decade "the wolf" did pay $35,000, half of which was back royalties on already sold CDs to avoid lawsuits (about the cost of gathering data from one state in 1960).

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Hunting For Bears Early Florida Marriage Records, Available in book, CD or electronic format

Early Florida Marriage Records by Hunting For Bears Genealogical Society and Library
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Early Alachua County Florida Marriage Index v2 1871-2000
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