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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Abingdon Press, 144 books
Lyle E. Schaller, 50 books
J. Ellsworth Kalas, 33 books
William H. Willimon, 32 books
Adam Hamilton, 28 books
Daphna Flegal, 27 books
Abingdon, 26 books
Helen Rayburn Caswell, 24 books
Georgia Elma Harkness, 23 books
E. Stanley Jones, 22 books
Mary J. Scifres, 21 books
Moore, James W., 20 books
Leedell Stickler, 19 books
Leslie Dixon Weatherhead, 19 books
John Killinger, 18 books
Peg Augustine, 17 books
Charles M. Laymon, 16 books
William L. Barclay, 15 books
Andy Langford, 15 books
David L. Bone, 15 books
Michael Slaughter, 14 books
Maxie D. Dunnam, 14 books
James W. Moore, 14 books
Justo L. González, 14 books
John Wesley, 14 books


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