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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Tony Ross, 64 books
Andersen, 32 books
Jeanne Willis, 26 books
McKee, David., 23 books
Michael Foreman, 20 books
Hazel Townson, 18 books
David Mckee, 16 books
David McKee, 16 books
Julia Jarman, 14 books
Hiawyn Oram, 13 books
Emma Chichester Clark, 12 books
David McKee, 12 books
Ruth Brown, 11 books
Max Velthuijs, 10 books
Philippe Dupasquier, 10 books
Gus Clarke, 10 books
David McKee, 10 books
Rebecca Lisle, 8 books
Kitamura, Satoshi., 8 books
Melvin Burgess, 8 books
Philip Curtis, 6 books
Joshua Doder, 6 books
Ken Brown, 6 books
Peter Wright, 6 books
Janosch, 6 books


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