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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Carolyn Brown, 40 books
Kent Conwell, 32 books
Ilsa Mayr, 14 books
Shirley Marks, 13 books
Joyce Lavene, 12 books
Jeanne Judson, 10 books
Kathryn Quick, 9 books
Annette Mahon, 9 books
Terrell L. Bowers, 9 books
Dorothy P. O'Neill, 9 books
Holly Jacobs, 8 books
Shelley Galloway, 8 books
Johnny D. Boggs, 8 books
Amanda Harte, 8 books
Elisabeth Rose, 8 books
Kathleen Fuller, 7 books
Glen Albert Ebisch, 7 books
Jerry S. Drake, 7 books
Adeline McElfresh, 7 books
Dorothy Worley, 7 books
Clifford Blair, 7 books
Jane McBride Choate, 7 books
Michael Senuta, 7 books
Nancy J. Parra, 6 books
Cynthia Danielewski, 6 books


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