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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Random House, 164 books
Jim Davis, 162 books
Edgar Rice Burroughs, 125 books
Anne Perry, 79 books
Erle Stanley Gardner, 77 books
Charles M. Schulz, 60 books
Frederik Pohl, 59 books
Jonathan Kellerman, 49 books
Alan Dean Foster, 45 books
Fern Michaels, 44 books
Reggie Smythe, 43 books
Johnny Hart, 43 books
Tess Gerritsen, 40 books
Anne Rice, 40 books
William Bernhardt, 38 books
Gene Walden, 37 books
Mick Martin, 37 books
Anne McCaffrey, 33 books
Dictionary, 32 books
Mariah Stewart, 31 books
Denise Robins, 29 books
Mary Daheim, 29 books
Alison Weir, 29 books
Suzanne Brockmann, 29 books
Richard North Patterson, 28 books


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