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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Cloverdale Press, 46 books
Ted Manger, 25 books
Laura Peyton Roberts, 12 books
Marcia Leonard, 8 books
Moira Kemp, 8 books
Debbie Mackinnon, 8 books
Janet Quin-Harkin, 7 books
Bonnie Bryant, 7 books
David Bennett, 7 books
Stacie Johnson, 6 books
Diane Schwemm, 6 books
Stacie Williams, 5 books
Julia Winfield, 4 books
Kieran Scott, 4 books
Cheech Marin, 4 books
Gerry Price, 4 books
Andy Ellis, 4 books
Sports Illustrated For Kids, 4 books
Opal Dunn, 4 books
Sheri Cobb South, 4 books
Alan Snow, 4 books
Elizabeth Chandler, 4 books
Derek Rangecroft, 4 books
James Raven, 4 books
Rachel Hawthorne, 3 books


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