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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Tom Clancy, 65 books
Jake Logan, 60 books
Agatha Christie, 45 books
Janet Dailey, 35 books
Patricia Daniels Cornwell, 33 books
Dean Ray Koontz, 32 books
Lawrence Sanders, 29 books
Michael Lutin, 29 books
Jack Higgins, 27 books
J. D. Hardin, 27 books
John Sandford, 26 books
J. D. Robb, 23 books
Nora Roberts, 20 books
Robert B. Parker, 20 books
Laurell K. Hamilton, 20 books
Tom Brown, Jr., 18 books
Robin Cook, 16 books
Jeff Rovin, 16 books
Keith Douglass, 16 books
Thomas Kinkade, 16 books
Peter Brandvold, 16 books
Barbara Bretton, 14 books
Alice Hoffman, 14 books
Anne Tyler, 14 books
Dale Brown, 13 books


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