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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
G. A. Henty, 111 books
Jean Adamson, 42 books
F. S. Brereton, 32 books
Cicely Mary Barker, 31 books
Amabel Williams-Ellis, 29 books
Angela Brazil, 27 books
William Shakespeare, 26 books
Gareth Floyd, 25 books
John Kennett, 24 books
Gareth Adamson, 22 books
Marie Hynds, 22 books
Rod Campbell, 22 books
Bessie Marchant, 20 books
Ruth Mary Fisher, 20 books
Edward George Jerrome, 18 books
Robert Michael Ballantyne, 15 books
Pamela Oldfield, 14 books
Donald Alexander Mackenzie, 13 books
Meg Daniels, 13 books
Joanna Troughton, 13 books
Terrance Dicks, 13 books
Natalie Savage Carlson, 13 books
Carme Solé Vendrell, 12 books
Scottish Mathematics Group, 12 books
Robert Chambers, 12 books


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