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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ludwig Wittgenstein, 29 books
J. M. Thompson, 20 books
Edna Johnson, 19 books
Jonathan Swift, 18 books
J. C. Gagg, 16 books
Leonard Sealey, 13 books
Hugh Armstrong Clegg, 11 books
Friedrich Schiller, 11 books
Leonard George William Sealey, 11 books
Walter Pater, 10 books
Daniel Defoe, 10 books
Peter Laslett, 10 books
C. R. N. Routh, 10 books
Judith M. Taylor, 9 books
L. G. W. Sealey, 9 books
Antony Flew, 9 books
Terry Eagleton, 9 books
John Leonard Greenberg, 9 books
John Richard Hicks, 8 books
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 8 books
Ford, P., 8 books
Geoffrey Barraclough, 8 books
Barbara Nathan Hardy, 8 books
Norbert Elias, 8 books
G. C. Davies, 8 books


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