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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Howard, Peter, 15 books
Kenneth Munson, 14 books
John R. Biggs, 13 books
Kenneth Munson, 12 books
O. S. Nock, 10 books
Adrian Hill, 9 books
Edward Fletcher, 8 books
R. W. Harris, 8 books
Gordon A. Perry, 8 books
Haythornthwaite, Philip J., 8 books
Arthur Ingram, 7 books
Garth Lean, 7 books
Peter McHoy, 7 books
Colin Dennis Garratt, 7 books
Brian Proudley, 6 books
D. M. Prescott, 6 books
Thompson, Leroy, 6 books
Guido Rosignoli, 6 books
Peter Lancaster Brown, 5 books
Colin Caket, 5 books
B. T. White, 5 books
Edward Adrian Wilson, 5 books
Timothy Robin Nicholson, 5 books
Edgar Lamb, 5 books
Gordon Arthur Perry, 5 books


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