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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
André Lagarde, 54 books
Tavernier., 40 books
Molière, 29 books
Pierre Serryn, 21 books
Jean Racine, 21 books
Pierre Corneille, 17 books
Colmez, 17 books
Victor Hugo, 14 books
Dominique Roure, 13 books
Alfred de Musset, 12 books
Voltaire, 12 books
Georges Pascal, 12 books
Jean Girodet, 11 books
Fouillade, 11 books
Roger Caratini, 11 books
Laurent Michard, 10 books
Bontemps, 10 books
Andre . Lagarde, 10 books
André Lagarde, 10 books
Olivier., 9 books
Marc Honegger, 9 books
Louis Millet, 9 books
Andre Lagarde, 9 books
Laurence Perfézou, 9 books
Paul Ginestier, 8 books


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