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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ida DeLage, 15 books
Robert Nicholson, 9 books
Ward, Alan, 8 books
Jean Lee Latham, 7 books
Norman L. Macht, 5 books
Charles Parlin Graves, 5 books
Alan Ward, 5 books
Andrew Langley, 4 books
Martin Schwabacher, 3 books
Lillie Patterson, 3 books
Terrance Dolan, 3 books
LaVere Anderson, 3 books
Wyatt Blassingame, 2 books
David R. Collins, 2 books
Pamela Levin, 2 books
Melissa McDaniel, 2 books
John Parlin, 2 books
David Shirley, 2 books
Nathaniel Moss, 2 books
Philip Koslow, 2 books
Polly Anne Graff, 2 books
Bruce W. Conord, 2 books
Kathy Kristensen Lambert, 2 books
Mary Catherine Rose, 1 book
Liza N. Burby, 1 book


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