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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Pam Adams, 93 books
Child's Play, 63 books
Annie Kubler, 47 books
Audrey Wood, 25 books
Jess Stockham, 24 books
Michael Twinn, 24 books
Mandy Ross, 11 books
Toni Goffe, 9 books
Arthur John L'Hommedieu, 8 books
Kees Moerbeek, 8 books
Paul Adshead, 8 books
Anthony Lewis, 7 books
Kathryn Meyrick, 6 books
John Light, 6 books
Jessica Stockham, 6 books
Gervase Phinn, 5 books
Dan Crisp, 5 books
Rudyard Kipling, 4 books
Frank Endersby, 4 books
Georgie Birkett, 4 books
Sanja Rescek, 4 books
Joanne Barkan, 4 books
Sebastian Braun, 4 books
Pam Adams, 4 books
Teresa O'Brien, 4 books


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