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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lauran Paine, 26 books
Marion Chesney, 25 books
Walt Coburn, 24 books
Ray Hogan, 23 books
Max Brand [pseudonym], 22 books
Burt Arthur, 22 books
Al Cody, 21 books
Mary Wibberley, 19 books
Lee Floren, 19 books
Nora Roberts, 17 books
Wayne D. Overholser, 17 books
William Hopson, 17 books
Janet Dailey, 16 books
Barbara Cartland, 16 books
Paul Evan Lehman, 16 books
Jane Arbor, 16 books
Frank Bonham, 15 books
Patten, Lewis B., 15 books
Lilian Peake, 15 books
Jean S. MacLeod, 15 books
Miss Read, 14 books
Nelson C. Nye, 14 books
Jane Donnelly, 14 books
Philip McCutchan, 13 books
Richard Stark, 13 books


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