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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bobbie Kalman, 361 books
Molly Aloian, 61 books
John Crossingham, 51 books
Bobbie Kalman, 32 books
Rebecca Sjonger, 30 books
Kelley Macaulay, 25 books
Niki Walker, 22 books
Reagan Miller, 22 books
James Bow, 20 books
Lynn Peppas, 19 books
David Jefferis, 17 books
Ole Steen Hansen, 17 books
Greg Nickles, 15 books
Kathryn Smithyman, 14 books
Heather Levigne, 14 books
Amanda Bishop, 11 books
Darlene Lauw, 11 books
Linda Barghoorn, 11 books
Erinn Banting, 10 books
Richard Spilsbury, 10 books
Kelley MacAulay, 9 books
Robin Johnson, 9 books
Rachel Eagen, 8 books
Lim Cheng Puay, 8 books
Mr Clive Gifford, 8 books


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