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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
DK Publishing, 400 books
Derek Parker, 28 books
Bruce Fogle, 23 books
Judith Miller, 21 books
Anne Hooper, 19 books
Russell Ash, 16 books
Kwok Man-ho, 12 books
Marc Robinson, 11 books
Miriam Stoppard, 10 books
Robert Heller, 9 books
Eric Treuille, 9 books
Adele Hayward, 9 books
Ray Campbell Smith, 9 books
Simon Fielding, 8 books
Tracey Cox, 7 books
John R. Gribbin, 6 books
Stephanie Pedersen, 6 books
Tom Ang, 6 books
Steve Sleight, 6 books
John Brookes, 5 books
John Seymour, 5 books
Vincent Gasnier, 5 books
Sharon Lucas, 5 books
DVM, Bruce Fogle, 5 books
Stephanie Pederson, 5 books


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