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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
DK Publishing, 1,312 books
Cynthia O'Neill, 19 books
Jayne Parsons, 16 books
Linda Martin, 14 books
David Burnie, 13 books
Catherine Saunders, 12 books
Anne Millard, 11 books
Jane Bull, 10 books
Mary Ling, 9 books
Richard Platt, 8 books
Mark Evans, 8 books
Christopher Maynard, 8 books
Barbara Taylor, 8 books
Karen Wallace, 8 books
Deborah Lock, 7 books
Angela Wilkes, 7 books
Book Studio, 7 books
John Farndon, 6 books
Charles Dickens, 6 books
David Eckold, 6 books
Susanna van Rose, 6 books
Caryn Jenner, 6 books
Theresa Greenaway, 6 books
James Buckley, 6 books
John Woodward, 5 books


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