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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ait, 30 books
Delmar Publishers, 17 books
Stephen L. Herman, 15 books
Delmar, 13 books
Sharon Brusic, 12 books
Jack Erjavec, 10 books
David L. Goetsch, 10 books
Ivan H. Griffin, 9 books
Robin B. McAllister, 9 books
G. V. Krishnan, 9 books
Michele Bousquet, 8 books
Leo P. McDonnell, 7 books
Thomas A. Stellman, 7 books
Don Knowles, 7 books
Charles Michael Holt, 7 books
Frank R. Schell, 7 books
Robert Scharff, 7 books
Jonathan S. Lynton, 7 books
Phyllis Click, 6 books
Barbara R. Hegner, 6 books
Adrienne L. Woods, 6 books
George R. Spratto, 6 books
Namestka, 6 books
Louise Simmers, 6 books
David L. Taylor, 6 books


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