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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Oswald Chambers, 25 books
David Roper, 15 books
Compiled, 13 books
J. Oswald Sanders, 12 books
Ray C. Stedman, 12 books
Daniel Schaeffer, 7 books
Dave Branon, 7 books
Alice Mathews, 6 books
Jolene Philo, 6 books
Discovery House Publishers, 5 books
Gary Inrig, 5 books
Susan L. Lenzkes, 5 books
Bill Crowder, 4 books
Joseph M. Stowell, 4 books
Luis Palau, 4 books
Haddon W. Robinson, 4 books
David Wyrtzen, 4 books
M. Gay Hubbard, 4 books
Warren W. Wiersbe, 3 books
Michael Card, 3 books
Janet Bly, 3 books
David McCasland, 3 books
Elaine Martens Hamilton, 3 books
Marion Stroud, 3 books
James Banks, 3 books


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