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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Carol Belanger Grafton, 310 books
Tom Tierney, 255 books
Marty Noble, 217 books
Cathy Beylon, 168 books
Anna Pomaska, 137 books
A. G. Smith, 137 books
John Green ( -1757), 114 books
Jan Sovak, 108 books
Dover Publications, Inc., 104 books
Maggie Kate, 92 books
Steven James Petruccio, 86 books
Nina Barbaresi, 81 books
Paul E. Kennedy, 78 books
Robbie Stillerman, 68 books
Ed Sibbett, 66 books
Barbara Steadman, 62 books
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 60 books
Bruce LaFontaine, 56 books
Ruth Soffer, 56 books
Alan Weller, 54 books
Dan X. Solo, 53 books
Barbara Soloff Levy, 52 books
Ted Menten, 51 books
Ludwig van Beethoven, 50 books
Peter F. Copeland, 50 books


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