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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mary Beacock Fryer, 14 books
Mike Filey, 13 books
Bernd Horn, 11 books
Terry Leeder, 9 books
Frederick J. Fletcher, 8 books
Ashley Thomson, 6 books
John Robert Colombo, 6 books
Peter Pigott, 6 books
Herman Bakvis, 5 books
Christopher McCreery, 5 books
Doug Lennox, 5 books
Arthur Bousfield, 5 books
Chris A. Rutkowski, 4 books
Helen Caister Robinson, 4 books
W. Gunther Plaut, 4 books
Richard Palmisano, 4 books
F. Leslie Seidle, 4 books
Chris Dornan, 4 books
White, Randall, 4 books
Jon H. Pammett, 4 books
John Melady, 4 books
Butts, Edward, 3 books
Tom Henighan, 3 books
Walter Pitman, 3 books
Julie V. Watson, 3 books


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