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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Joyce Meyer, 89 books
Creflo A., Jr. Dollar, 68 books
Joel Osteen, 29 books
Joyce Meyer, 23 books
Karen Kingsbury, 13 books
David Bordon, 11 books
Creflo A. Dollar, 9 books
Tom Winters, 8 books
Joseph Prince, 8 books
Taffi L. Dollar, 6 books
Gloria Copeland, 6 books
Travis Thrasher, 5 books
Anne Dayton, 5 books
Creflo Dollar, 5 books
Lauraine Snelling, 5 books
Tracey Victoria Bateman, 4 books
James BeauSeigneur, 4 books
Pat Williams, 4 books
No Author, 4 books
Shelley Adina, 4 books
Robert A. Schuller, 4 books
Carla Stewart, 4 books
Ray Blackston, 3 books
Ted Dekker, 3 books
Deborah Bedford, 3 books


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