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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
M. B. Goffstein, 8 books
William Steig, 6 books
Derek Walcott, 6 books
Valerie Worth, 6 books
Peter Handke, 6 books
Charles Wright, 5 books
Les A. Murray, 5 books
Carlos Fuentes, 5 books
Kitamura, Satoshi., 4 books
John Ashbery, 4 books
Edmund Wilson, 4 books
Bernard Malamud, 4 books
Grossman, David., 4 books
James McManus, 4 books
Margot Zemach, 4 books
Hermann Hesse, 4 books
Louis Menand, 3 books
Murray Bail, 3 books
Anne Fadiman, 3 books
Tomasz Bogacki, 3 books
Calvin Trillin, 3 books
Thomas McGuane, 3 books
Alec Waugh, 3 books
Michael Cunningham, 3 books
Alexandra Day, 3 books


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