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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Fodor's, 314 books
Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc, 45 books
Eugene Fodor, 18 books
Tim Jepson, 15 books
Andrew E. Beresky, 15 books
Larry Peterson, 13 books
Caroline Trefler, 13 books
David Low, 11 books
Nancy Van Itallie, 11 books
Robert I. C. Fisher, 9 books
Fiona Dunlop, 8 books
Eugene Fodor, 8 books
Mobil, 8 books
Christopher Billy, 8 books
Conrad L. Paulus, 8 books
Edie Jarolim, 7 books
Andrew Collins, 7 books
Shannon Kelly, 7 books
Mick Sinclair, 7 books
Moore, Richard, 7 books
Douglas Stallings, 6 books
Rachel Klein, 6 books
Matthew Lombardi, 6 books
Alison Hoffman, 6 books
Molly Moker, 6 books


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