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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kathy D. Darrow, 34 books
Lawrence J. Trudeau, 30 books
Thomas J. Schoenberg, 30 books
Jelena O. Krstovic, 20 books
Lisa Kumar, 18 books
Sara Constantakis, 14 books
Thomas Riggs, 13 books
Lawrence J. Trudeau, 13 books
Gale Group, 11 books
Michelle Lee, 8 books
Gale Research Company., 5 books
Louise Gagné, 5 books
Mary Rose Bonk, 4 books
Kristin B. Mallegg, 4 books
K. Lee Lerner, 4 books
The Taft Group, 4 books
Timothy L. Gall, 4 books
Kathleen J. Edgar, 3 books
Revell, 3 books
Gale, 3 books
Louise Mooney, 3 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 3 books
James M. Craddock, 3 books
Suzanne M. Bourgoin, 3 books
Anne Commire, 3 books


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