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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Dan Abnett, 75 books
Graham McNeill, 41 books
Gav Thorpe, 37 books
Rick Priestley, 30 books
William King, 26 books
Andy Chambers, 23 books
Guy Haley, 17 books
Ben Counter, 16 books
Josh Reynolds, 15 books
David Annandale, 15 books
Sandy Mitchell, 15 books
James Swallow, 15 books
Gordon Rennie, 14 books
Nick Kyme, 14 books
Jervis Johnson, 12 books
Chris Wraight, 12 books
Nathan Long, 11 books
Gavin Thorpe, 11 books
Anthony Reynolds, 11 books
Marc Gascoigne, 10 books
Mike Lee, 8 books
Christian Dunn, 8 books
Steven Savile, 8 books
Andy Hoare, 8 books
C L Werner, 8 books


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