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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rius, 35 books
Rius., 35 books
Taylor Caldwell, 30 books
Grijalbo, 30 books
Albert Uderzo, 27 books
Danielle Steel, 26 books
Victoria Holt, 26 books
Osho, 19 books
Stephen King, 17 books
Luis Spota, 16 books
Barbara Wood, 16 books
Rafael Loret de Mola, 15 books
Charles M. Schulz, 15 books
René Goscinny, 14 books
Deepak Chopra, 13 books
Irving Wallace, 13 books
Valerio Manfredi, 12 books
Robert Heller, 11 books
Wayne W. Dyer, 11 books
Varios, 11 books
Paulo Coelho, 11 books
Jim Davis, 10 books
Norman Vincent Peale, 10 books
Jeffrey Archer, 9 books
Tim Hindle, 9 books


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