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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Marguerite Patten, 80 books
Hamlyn, 72 books
Richard Scarry, 29 books
Various, 26 books
Sara Lewis, 21 books
Stefan Buczacki, 21 books
Phil Soar, 20 books
Joanna Farrow, 20 books
Nikoli, 19 books
Audrey Ellis, 17 books
Jane Carruth, 15 books
Barrington Cooper, 15 books
Louise Pickford, 13 books
Tom Tyrrell, 11 books
Neil Grant, 11 books
Laurence Gerlis, 11 books
Ivan Ponting, 11 books
John Kobal, 11 books
Helen Foster, 10 books
Arnold, Peter, 10 books
Sonntag, Linda., 10 books
Angela Rixon, 10 books
Martin Tyler, 10 books
Trewin Copplestone, 10 books
Patsy Westcott, 10 books


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