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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ilse Wagner, 60 books
Judy Katschke, 52 books
Joanna Campbell, 24 books
Megan Stine, 20 books
Melinda Metz, 18 books
Mary Newhall Anderson, 16 books
Mary-Kate Olsen, 15 books
Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen, 15 books
Eliza Willard, 14 books
J. E. Bright, 14 books
Annie Auerbach, 13 books
Alice Leonhardt, 13 books
Chris Platt, 12 books
Cathy Hapka, 12 books
Ashley Olsen, 10 books
Sadie Chesterfield, 10 books
Lana Jacobs, 10 books
Matt Groening, 10 books
Les Martin, 10 books
Nancy Butcher, 9 books
Whitman, John., 9 books
Scout Driggs, 8 books
Karle Dickerson, 7 books
Jasmine Jones, 7 books
Kate Egan, 7 books


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