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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Philip McCutchan, 31 books
Allardyce Nicoll, 26 books
Lucilla Andrews, 22 books
Joyce Lankester Brisley, 18 books
Pauline Gregg, 17 books
Anouilh, Jean, 17 books
William Henry Hudson, 15 books
Harrap, 15 books
Hans Habe, 14 books
Hendrik Willem Van Loon, 13 books
Geoffrey Wroe, 13 books
Jean Racine, 13 books
Molière, 13 books
James Agate, 12 books
Lexus, 12 books
Margaret Joyce Baker, 12 books
Michael Janes, 11 books
J. E. Mansion, 11 books
Dorothy Margaret Stuart, 10 books
George Vaizey, 10 books
Bertita Harding, 10 books
François Mauriac, 10 books
Margaret Stuart Barry, 9 books
Irene Richards, 9 books
Hans Johannes Hoefer, 9 books


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