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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stephen R. Mandell, 14 books
Cheryl Glenn, 13 books
David Madden, 11 books
Mark Connelly, 8 books
Thomas R. Arp, 7 books
Teresa Méndez-Faith, 6 books
Greg Johnson, 6 books
William Salomone, 5 books
Jean Wyrick, 5 books
Teresa Ferster Glazier, 5 books
Robert P. Yagelski, 5 books
Jill Pellettieri, 5 books
Robert Keith Miller, 4 books
John Mauk, 4 books
Lynn A. Sandstedt, 4 books
Marcel Danesi, 4 books
Emily Spinelli, 4 books
Stephen McDonald, 4 books
Simone Berger, 4 books
Bruce Beiderwell, 4 books
Jeffrey M. Wheeler, 4 books
Jack Moeller, 4 books
Carla Federici, 4 books
Paige Wilson, 3 books
Eleanor Dozier, 3 books


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