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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Denise Robins, 155 books
John Creasey, 76 books
W. E. Johns, 36 books
Claire Lorrimer, 33 books
Patricia Robins, 32 books
Nigel G. Tranter, 31 books
Stephen King, 29 books
J. M. Barrie, 28 books
Enid Blyton, 27 books
Cunliffe, 27 books
Brandon Robshaw, 26 books
Michael Gilbert, 24 books
Byron, May Clarissa Gillington, 24 books
John Cunliffe, 24 books
Gilbert Hackforth-Jones, 24 books
Nigel Tranter, 24 books
Audrey Howard, 23 books
Mee, Arthur, 23 books
Francis Beeding, 23 books
Mick Inkpen, 22 books
Shoo Rayner, 22 books
Elizabeth Goudge, 21 books
Stephen Leather, 21 books
R. F. Delderfield, 20 books
Jenny Oldfield, 20 books


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