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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Freda Lightfoot, 12 books
Meg Hutchinson, 11 books
Jenny Oldfield, 10 books
Teresa Moorey, 8 books
Nigel Tranter, 7 books
Steve Chalke, 6 books
Kristyna Arcarti, 6 books
Audrey Howard, 5 books
Irene Carr, 5 books
An Vrombaut, 5 books
Institute of Ideas, 5 books
Lavinia Byrne, 5 books
Celia Haddon, 5 books
Gwen Madoc, 4 books
Jennie Walters, 4 books
Kate Brookes, 4 books
Fiona Castle, 4 books
Hodder & Stoughton UK, 4 books
Mandasue Heller, 4 books
Stephen Leather, 4 books
Margaret Ryan, 3 books
Cade Merrill, 3 books
Mike Pilavachi, 3 books
Dickie Bird, 3 books
Libby Purves, 3 books


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