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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Howard Books, 47 books
Hallal Singers, 23 books
Jeff & Covenant Nelson, 16 books
Alton Howard, 15 books
Chrys Howard, 14 books
Karol Ladd, 13 books
Martha Bolton, 13 books
Joe Beam, 9 books
Deborah Raney, 9 books
Debbie Macomber, 8 books
G.A. Myers, 8 books
Lynn Anderson, 8 books
Charles F. Stanley, 7 books
Veggietales, 7 books
Mal Austin, 7 books
Philis Boultinghouse, 6 books
Lisa Whelchel, 6 books
Various, 6 books
John Smith, 6 books
Howard Publishing, 6 books
Terry Rush, 6 books
Judy Gordon, 5 books
Rubel Shelly, 5 books
Freeman-Smith LLC, 5 books
Point Of Grace, 5 books


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