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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard Carlson, 32 books
Ridley Pearson, 27 books
Mo Willems, 22 books
Rosemary Wells, 22 books
tk, 19 books
Laura Dower, 17 books
Jamie Oliver, 16 books
Eoin Colfer, 15 books
Julie Aigner-Clark, 15 books
Mitch Albom, 15 books
Rosie Rushton, 15 books
William Wegman, 14 books
James Lee Burke, 14 books
Kathryn Lasky, 13 books
Lynne Ewing, 12 books
Jeffrey J. Fox, 11 books
Linda Greenlaw, 11 books
T. Jefferson Parker, 11 books
Editors of Don't Sweat Press, 11 books
Cassandra King, 11 books
Joe Konrath, 10 books
Paul Zindel, 10 books
Shelley Tanaka, 10 books
Gordon Korman, 10 books
Debra Waterhouse, 10 books


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