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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
John R. W. Stott, 46 books
Leon Morris, 16 books
Derek Kidner, 16 books
John White, 14 books
D. A. Carson, 11 books
Francis A. Schaeffer, 8 books
Oliver R. Barclay, 7 books
Alister E. McGrath, 7 books
J. A. Motyer, 7 books
Bruce, F. F., 6 books
Baker, David W., 6 books
Michael Green, 6 books
S. Gaukroger, 6 books
John Piper, 6 books
David Allan Hubbard, 6 books
R. A. Cole, 5 books
R. Clements, 5 books
Donald Guthrie, 5 books
Walter Trobisch, 5 books
Anderson, J. N. D. Sir, 4 books
Calvin Miller, 4 books
J.I. Packer, 4 books
Sir H. F. R. Catherwood, 4 books
Michael Griffiths, 4 books
David John Atkinson, 4 books


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