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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Anna Freud, 22 books
Edmund Bergler, 14 books
Alexander Grinstein, 12 books
Erna Furman, 10 books
Harold P. Blum, 10 books
Stanley I. Greenspan, 9 books
Arnold Rothstein, 9 books
Heinz Kohut, 9 books
K. R. Eissler, 9 books
George H. Pollock, 9 books
Hartmann, Heinz, 8 books
Joseph Sandler, 8 books
Thomas W. Miller, 8 books
Norman Kiell, 8 books
Sylvia Brody, 8 books
S. R. Slavson, 7 books
Fred Schwartz, 7 books
Helene Deutsch, 7 books
Thomas Freeman, 6 books
Edward Glover, 6 books
Monique Laurendeau, 6 books
Rudolph M. Loewenstein, 6 books
Merton Max Gill, 6 books
Seymour Diamond, 6 books
Ralph R. Greenson, 6 books


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