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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Joan Smith, 27 books
Janet Quin-Harkin, 23 books
Victoria Holt, 18 books
Alison Blair, 18 books
Amy Tan, 17 books
Julie Smith, 17 books
Anne Tyler, 14 books
Fern Michaels, 13 books
Jack Hawkins, 13 books
Barbara Metzger, 12 books
Phyllis A. Whitney, 12 books
Colin Dexter, 12 books
Paul Theroux, 12 books
Jennifer Blake, 11 books
Georgina Grey, 11 books
Gene Walden, 11 books
Gaelen Foley, 10 books
Robert J. Randisi, 10 books
Linda Francis Lee, 10 books
Elizabeth Chater, 10 books
Jesse Maguire, 10 books
Jane Smiley, 10 books
Robert Fulghum, 10 books
Nick Stone, 9 books
M. C. Beaton, 9 books


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