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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Milton J. Shapiro, 21 books
Iris Noble, 20 books
Jules Archer, 20 books
Harry Edward Neal, 20 books
Rose Wyler, 18 books
Frances Parkinson Keyes, 14 books
Shannon Garst, 14 books
Howard Liss, 13 books
Hal Butler, 13 books
Young, Bob, 13 books
Gene Schoor, 13 books
Clifford Lindsey Alderman, 12 books
Elaine Landau, 12 books
Olive Woolley Burt, 11 books
Robin McKown, 10 books
Gardner, Robert, 10 books
Robert A. Liston, 10 books
Q. L. Pearce, 9 books
David J. Abodaher, 9 books
Burt Hirschfeld, 8 books
Irving Werstein, 8 books
Beryl Williams Epstein, 8 books
Jeannette Covert Nolan, 8 books
Essie E. Lee, 7 books
Peter Freuchen, 7 books


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