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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Tabor Evans, 352 books
J.R. Roberts, 203 books
Wesley Ellis, 188 books
Jake Logan, 105 books
Barbara Cartland, 94 books
Nora Roberts, 56 books
Adele Ashworth, 56 books
William E. Butterworth (W.E.B.) Griffin, 54 books
Mort Walker, 41 books
Henri Arnold, 40 books
Bob Lee, 40 books
Astrology World, 39 books
John Wesley Howard, 39 books
Nick Carter, 36 books
Ngaio Marsh, 33 books
Dik Browne, 33 books
Catherine Coulter, 32 books
Lawrence Block, 29 books
Elizabeth Mansfield, 27 books
Christine Feehan, 25 books
George Gately, 25 books
Jack Buchanan, 24 books
Margarete Beim, 24 books
Barry Sadler, 24 books
Dick Francis, 23 books


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