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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bertrand Gauthier, 28 books
Ginette Anfousse, 28 books
Sylvie Desrosiers, 26 books
Chrystine Brouillet, 26 books
Raymond Plante, 25 books
Marie-Danielle Croteau, 21 books
Louise Leblanc, 20 books
Denis Cote, 20 books
Gilles Gauthier, 20 books
Marie-Francine Hebert, 17 books
Sylvain Trudel, 17 books
Robert N. Munsch, 16 books
Sonia Sarfati, 12 books
Marie Decary, 12 books
Roger Pare, 11 books
Jasmine Dube, 10 books
Josee Plourde, 9 books
Joceline Sanschagrin, 8 books
Elise Turcotte, 8 books
Jacques Savoie, 8 books
Jean-Marie Poupart, 7 books
Guy Lavigne, 7 books
Allen Morgan, 7 books
Stanley Pean, 6 books
Marthe Pelletier, 5 books


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