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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lemelin, Roger, 11 books
Lysiane Gagnon, 3 books
Cyrille Felteau, 3 books
Bernard Saint-Aubin, 3 books
René Dionne, 3 books
Gilles Marcotte, 3 books
Jean-Louis Gagnon, 3 books
Girerd., 3 books
Yves Lamontagne, 3 books
Francine Ouellette, 3 books
Pol Martin, 3 books
Roger Duhamel, 2 books
René Pomerleau, 2 books
Roger Foisy, 2 books
Harold Kalant, 2 books
Gérard Bessette, 2 books
Pellerin, Jean, 2 books
Jean Yves Soucy, 2 books
Fournier, Roger, 2 books
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 2 books
Roger Duhamel, 2 books
Jasmin, Claude, 2 books
André Vacher, 2 books
Michèle Mailhot, 2 books
Jean Aelbrecht, 1 book


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