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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Charles Ira Coombs, 15 books
A. L. Furman, 12 books
Carla Greene, 11 books
Willard Waltner, 8 books
Owen, Frank, 7 books
Mary Graham Bonner, 5 books
Richard M. Elam, 5 books
Stephen Payne, 4 books
Francis Lynde Kroll, 4 books
Mabel Watts, 4 books
Philip Goldstein, 3 books
David Dachs, 2 books
Jack E. Woolgar, 2 books
Brown, Bill, 2 books
Adolph Regli, 2 books
Joshua Robert Furman, 2 books
Audrey Turner, 2 books
Samuel White Patterson, 2 books
Miriam Young, 1 book
Harriette Sheffer Abels, 1 book
B. J. Chute, 1 book
Edward Le Comte, 1 book
Jo Carr, 1 book
Selden M. Loring, 1 book
Lillie D. Chaffin, 1 book


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