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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ed Emberley, 7 books
Scott Corbett, 6 books
Matt Christopher, 6 books
Louisa May Alcott, 6 books
Lee B. Hopkins, 5 books
Maureen Roffey, 5 books
Miska Miles, 4 books
Lee Cooper, 4 books
David Thompson Watson McCord, 4 books
David McCord, 3 books
Rebecca Emberley, 3 books
Bernie Zubrowski, 3 books
Ann Cole, 2 books
Gail Gibbons, 2 books
Dorothy M. Kennedy, 2 books
Ruth Sanderson, 2 books
Marc Tolon Brown, 2 books
John Langone, 2 books
Dawn Apperley, 2 books
Bob Graham, 2 books
Martin Handford, 2 books
Susan Kovacs Buxbaum, 1 book
Jill Syverson-Stork, 1 book
Wallace Tripp, 1 book
James Cross Giblin, 1 book


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