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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lo Scarabeo, 318 books
Llewellyn, 169 books
Scott Cunningham, 41 books
Richard Webster, 37 books
Noel Tyl, 37 books
Donald Tyson, 36 books
Raymond Buckland, 33 books
Ted Andrews, 31 books
Melita Denning, 30 books
Silver Ravenwolf, 26 books
Edain McCoy, 25 books
Alana Fairchild, 24 books
Webster, Richard, 22 books
D. J. Conway, 21 books
Toni Carmine Salerno, 21 books
Elizabeth Barrette, 18 books
Raven Grimassi, 17 books
Osborne Phillips, 16 books
Llewellyn Publications, 16 books
Christopher Penczak, 15 books
Dallas Jennifer Cobb, 15 books
Barbara Moore, 14 books
John Michael Greer, 14 books
D.J. Conway, 14 books
Ellen Dugan, 13 books


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