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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Wendy Body, 321 books
Brian Abbs, 142 books
Martin Coles, 106 books
Paul Broadbent, 101 books
Christine Hall, 98 books
Ingrid Freebairn, 96 books
Mackay, David, 95 books
Peter Patilla, 95 books
Sue Palmer, 94 books
Sallie Purkis, 65 books
Jenny Alexander, 63 books
Owen Cullimore, 57 books
Pamela Schaub, 57 books
David Birt, 53 books
Bobbie Neate, 53 books
David Mower, 46 books
Donald Dallas, 44 books
Jeremy Harmer, 44 books
Anne Worrall, 41 books
B. Thompson, 38 books
Steve Elsworth, 36 books
Ann Cook, 36 books
James Mason, 36 books
William Shakespeare, 36 books
Stephen Rabley, 34 books


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