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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jillian Hart, 15 books
Margaret Daley, 15 books
Carolyne Aarsen, 13 books
Shirlee McCoy, 13 books
Rachelle McCalla, 11 books
Linda Goodnight, 9 books
Lois Richer, 9 books
Debby Giusti, 9 books
Lynette Eason, 9 books
Arlene James, 9 books
Brenda Minton, 8 books
Christy Barritt, 8 books
Dana Mentink, 8 books
Valerie Hansen, 8 books
Ruth Logan Herne, 8 books
Lenora Worth, 7 books
Janet Tronstad, 7 books
Roxanne Rustand, 7 books
Terri Reed, 7 books
Sandra Robbins, 7 books
Mia Ross, 7 books
Vicki Hinze, 6 books
Leigh Bale, 6 books
Susan Sleeman, 6 books
Renee Andrews, 6 books


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