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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Pierre Berton, 31 books
E. Phillips Oppenheim, 31 books
Gail Bowen, 27 books
Ralph Connor, 27 books
Roy MacGregor, 26 books
Farley Mowat, 26 books
Margaret Atwood, 24 books
Lucy Maud Montgomery, 23 books
Maureen Jennings, 21 books
P. G. Wodehouse, 20 books
Laurence Gough, 17 books
Pierre Berton, 16 books
Edna Staebler, 15 books
Thomas Head Raddall, 15 books
H. A. Cody, 14 books
Warwick Deeping, 12 books
Rafael Sabatini, 12 books
Robinson, Peter, 12 books
Stephen Leacock, 12 books
Mordecai Richler, 12 books
Leonard Cohen, 11 books
William Deverell, 11 books
Bliss Carman, 10 books
Peter Gzowski, 10 books
Jack Hodgins, 10 books


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