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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard D. Kellough, 10 books
Thomas L. Floyd, 7 books
Gail E. Tompkins, 6 books
Jon Wiles, 6 books
Merrill, 6 books
Ann P. Turnbull, 6 books
Janice J. Beaty, 5 books
Carol Seefeldt, 5 books
Donn E. Brolin, 5 books
David Buchla, 5 books
Charles H. Heimler, 5 books
John Ruskin, 4 books
Spencer, Donald D., 4 books
D. Ray Reutzel, 4 books
Donna E. Norton, 4 books
Samuel T. Gladding, 4 books
David H. Jonassen, 4 books
Arthur W. Heilman, 4 books
Lois A. Bader, 4 books
Cecil D. Mercer, 4 books
Barry B. Brey, 4 books
Verna Hildebrand, 4 books
Robert B. Cooter, 4 books
Henry Steele Commager, 4 books
Walter Parker, 4 books


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