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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard A. Spears, 27 books
Anne Bertram, 6 books
Susan Sutherland, 4 books
Lester, James D., 3 books
L. Sue Baugh, 3 books
McGraw-Hill, 3 books
Nell Meriwether, 3 books
Adrian Room, 3 books
Ewart James, 3 books
Juan Kattán-Ibarra, 3 books
Janet Marting, 3 books
Cole, W. Owen, 2 books
Suzanne Greenberg, 2 books
Freddie North, 2 books
Michael C. Smith, 2 books
Donna Rosenberg, 2 books
Abbott, P., 2 books
Steinmann, Martin, 2 books
Vox, 2 books
National Textbook Company, 2 books
Rosalind Kerven, 2 books
Kathleen Morner, 2 books
William D. Johnstone, 2 books
Marilyn Neva Silva, 2 books
Deborah K. Williams, 2 books


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